Creche Terms

Welcome to the SoulKids Creche

The SoulKids Crèche is offered to provide a safe and supportive environment for your kids to play while you are enjoying your class. SoulKids Creche is available for children from 6 weeks up to 12 years of age. Our team members are more than happy to assist with any queries and suggestions you may have. However, there are certain guidelines that should be brought to your attention. We request that you take the time to read these and follow them to ensure we are able to provide you and your children with the best service possible. If you have any further queries or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact Paula on 0424443380.

Delivery and collection of children

Parents/Guardians must register each child individually each time they use the service. On arrival you must sign each child in on the registration schedule. The parent or guardian must then sign out their children before leaving.Every parent must remain on the premises and be contactable at all time. Please remember parents/guardians are responsible for the care of the child. Please be advised that no parent is to leave Soul Movement Studio at any time whilst their children are in the Crèche.

Age Groups

We welcome all babies and children from 6 weeks up to 12 years.


  • You must pre-book your children into the crèche.
  • Bookings can only be made online
  • We prefer bookings to be made no later than 6 hours prior to the start time of the session.
  • We endeavor to cater for all our members however there is no guarantee that your preferred time and day will be available.
  • When booking please ensure you notify us of anything we need to be aware of or any special conditions your child may have.

Staff and Qualifications

All SoulKids creche staff have their Senior First Aid Certificate as well as the mandatory working with children DCSI screening clearance.


Parents/Guardians who have feedback or concerns regarding the SoulKids Creche should approach the Crèche staff. Minor concerns will be dealt with immediately.

Complaints that are of greater concern need to be addressed to the Studio owner. We are always open to feedback so if there is anything you feel that would help improve the experience for yourself or your children please let us know.

Cancellations and Waiting Lists

In all fairness to our fellow members and staff, if you make a booking and then you are unable to attend, it is essential that you cancel your booking by messaging Paula on 0424443880 as soon as possible.

Behaviour Management/Positive Guidance

Our staff are not the child’s parents so we will not overstep the line by being too strict. Our aim with discipline is to maintain control to keep all children safe. Our staff will ensure that they convey the limits of SoulKids Crèche to your children in a positive manner; here they will learn that there are consequences of inappropriate behaviour. We will always try and diffuse a situation.When guiding children’s behaviour we refrain from using negative labelling and all staff speak in a respectful positive manner to the children. We encourage children through positive role modelling and clear guidelines should a child need behavioural management. Please note: If a child becomes disruptive and difficult, the parent/guardian will be collected and asked to calm their children.


No medication will be administered by our crèche staff. If your child requires medication for an ongoing condition i.e. asthma or has a ASCIA Action Plan please ensure that you notify the creche staff member but know that it is your responsibility to manage this personally. If there is an event where first aid is required, then staff will follow procedures in accordance with their senior first aid training.

Time Limit

Parents/Guardians must collect their children within 15 minutes of the class finishing. Children are still welcome to play in the crèche the waiting area after class but please know that Soul Movement Studio takes no responsibility for the care of your children once they have been collected.

School Holidays

Creche is subject to availability during the school holidays. In order to cover to extra expenses associated with operating the creche over this period there is a fee of $6 per school aged child per class. Payment is to be made on the day by cash or card.

What To Bring

  • We encourage children who are not walking to be brought in a pram/stroller.
  • The crèche staff will happily change your babies nappies if you wish. You will need to provide your own nappies, wipes, a change of clothes and any other comfort items.
  • If bringing a water bottle into the crèche please ensure it is clearly labelled. • Please make sure that all bags and belongings are clearly marked with your child’s full name.


We do not encourage food to be brought into the crèche however if you do wish to bring snacks for your children it must NOT contain nuts. If children eat while in the crèche they MUST sit at the table and chairs. The crèche staff will give babies a bottle provided it has been clearly labelled with their name.

Sick Children

To prevent the spread of germs and illness to our staff and other children, we do not accept sick or unwell children into the creche. If our staff feel your child is too unwell to be in the creche you will be notified and you must collect your child from the creche immediately. Please do not be offended by this, as it’s for the health of all children who attend our creche.

Changes to Terms

Soul Movement Studio reserves the right to change the terms and conditions at any time.

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