Online Studio

Welcome to our online studio!

Due to covid-19 we’ve had to temporarily close our physical doors but that hasn’t stopped us from continuing to share the love of movement with our community! We are now offering up to 5 live stream classes per day and very soon will have a library of on demand classes that are accessible anytime. Members and those on the 7 day trial can book in for the Live Stream classes by clicking on the link below.  

If you are new to the studio and interested in doing some classes please read through the frequently asked questions…

How Do I Get Started?
We recommend signing up for a free 7 day trial so that you can try as many classes as you like and get a good feel for what we offer. From there if you wish to continue you can either purchase casual classes or sign up for an unlimited class membership. You can find more details regarding prices here.

How Do I Book Live Stream Classes?
Once you’ve signed up for the 7 day trial, simply go to the booking page of our website and book in your classes. Alternatively you can also download the MindBody app, search for Soul Movement Studio and book your classes there.

How Do I Access The Live Stream Classes?
It is very simple! 5-15 minutes before the class starts you will receive an email with a link. Simply click on the link, it will open a new window in your browser and the live stream will start. You friendly instructor will be there waiting to greet you. If the email doesn’t go to your inbox be sure to check your junk folder.

Do I Need To Have The Video Turned On For Live Stream Classes?
No you don’t need to. You have the option to have your video turned on or off. We recommend having your video on as it allows us to interact with you, provide technique feedback and encouragement but it is completely up to you.

What Equipment Do I need?
Some classes require minimal equipment while others require a little more. We understand that not everyone has equipment at home, which is why we have adapted a number of our classes to use minimal equipment. If you don’t have any then we have also listed some household items that will help get you by!

SoulYoga – Yoga mat
SoulBoxfit – Yoga mat
SoulRhythm – Yoga mat
SoulPower – Yoga mat
SoulFusion – Yoga mat, fitball, resistance band, 1-3kg dumbbells
SoulStrength – Yoga mat, any dumbbells or barbells you have that weigh from 2kg up to 15kg
SoulFlow – Yoga mat, 1-5kg dumbbells

Equipment Alternatives:

Yoga or exercise mat Floor rug
Fitball Can do it without
Resistance band Can do it without
1-5kg dumbbells Tins of food or milk bottles filled with water
Barbell up to 15kg 5kg bag of rice or backpack filled with heavy items

Please get in contact with us if you have any further questions. We would love to meet you on the screen and help you look after your physical and mental health so that you come out the other side of this feeling great!


New to the studio? Try our intro offer!

Membership Options

  • Per Week
  • Per Class

Soul Flex

2 classes Per Week

$ 29
  • Attend 2 classes each week
  • Childminding included
  • Minimum 8 weeks

Soul Plus

3 Classes Per Week

$ 39
  • Attend 3 classes per week
  • Childminding included
  • Minimum 8 weeks
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Soul Unlimited

Unlimited classes per week

$ 49
  • Unlimited classes weekly
  • Childminding included
  • Video library of classes
  • Minimum 8 weeks

Per Class

$ 22
  • Attend 1 class
  • Childminding included

10 Class Pass

$ 200
  • Attend 10 classes
  • Childminding included
  • 12 month expiry

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